About Eastgate Communications, LLC.

Committed to 100% Digital Billboards

Eastgate Communications was established to serve the businesses and consumers of Kankakee, Iroquois and Will Counties. We are a company committed to 100% digital billboards and focus on local companies that may not have access to this type of technology with which to spread their message.
What we Provide Businesses

A Powerful Message for All Advertisers

Eastgate possess the only commercial digital billboards between Chicago and southern Illinois. While all other billboards along the route are static, the investment was made with the idea of making a powerful message for all advertisers on the boards.
Over 40,000 Spots Per Month
Many digital board operators attempt to put 8 or more advertisers per board, however Eastgate has decided to limit the number to 6 so each ad is seen once every minute. That is over 40,000 spots per month.
Efficient Marketing
What is unique about the location of these billboards is that included in the 30,000 cars per day that pass by, 10,000 are locals from the area using I-57 as a bypass. So advertisers can reach a substantial local market as well as a new audience that may not have heard of their offerings.
Leaders in Digital Billboards

A Driving force for a Digital World.

Digital Advertisements
Customizable Campaigns
Increased Visibility
Efficient Marketing
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