Highly Visible, Digital Outdoor Advertisement

Advertise on the only digital billboards between Chicago and Champaign on Interstate-57. With over 630,000 monthly views and competitive pricing for your digital ad campaigns, expand your audience with Eastgate Communications.

About Us

The Only Digital Billboards Between Chicago and Champaign

These are the only digital billboards located from the south side of Chicago to southern IL on Interstate 57. Over the top of overpasses in both directions to be met with our digital billboards.  

Leader in Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertisement

Digital billboards are the future of outdoor advertisement. As the leader in digital billboard advertisement, we’re a driving force for the communication of the digital world.

Expand Your Reach

Our Billboards Are As Unique As You Are

Scheduling is flexible and completely programmable for the day, time and weather. Make the most of your marketing by this sign reaching +630,000 viewers each month.
Customize Your Campaign

With billboards that can be updated in real time, choose the day and time for your ad.


Increase Your Visibility

+630,000 viewers see this sign every month.


Efficient Marketing

Profit from efficient and economical advertising with price breaks for longer term commitment.


Digital Advantage

Deliver Your Ad Campaign Digitally

As the only digital billboards for over 150 miles between Chicago and Champaign, elevate your presence through digital advertising. Create dynamic messaging, customized to you and your target audience. Provide your own content or our professional graphic arts team can develop a single ad or series to send a dynamic, creative and powerful digital message.

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